Would you wear a Borat swimsuit costume?

I am a big time cycling fan. I follow pro races year-around, thanks to Versus, Cycling.tv and other online media channels.

A few days ago, while watching the 8th stage on TV, I suddenly witnessed one of the most memorable moment on the Tour 🙂

Let me explain something: you see, it’s really common that cycling supporters run next to ‘idols’ during mountina stages. First, because they are really excited to see them, second, because it is really hot up there and all most fans have is beer and wine, and third, that’s probably the slowest speed the pros go in any race, so you have a small chance to keep up for a few seconds 🙂

Fans usually wear flags on their shoulders, or funny outfits, getting their 10 seconds of fame in front of millions of people watching TV live. Fun stuff.

One famous character is known as “El diablo”.

I can remember watching El Diablo on television when I was a young kid, so he’s been around for quite a some time now.

How cool is he in his devil costume? He has become a figure on the Tour, each Summer everyone expects to see him, and he never disappoints.

But this year, someone just went to far…with the Borat swimsuit costume!

borat swimsuit costume

How scary is that!

So what would you need to make this Borat costume work?

a afro wig;

the original Borat swimsuit;

and some glasses from the eighties

Plus you’ll need to wear dress socks really high with a pair of dress shoes…

Hey, who knows, this could become a popular Halloween costume idea 🙂

Would you wear it?

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