World of Warcraft’s BlizzCon date announced!

If you’re one of the many World of Warcraft who can’t pull themselves from the realm of Azeroth, you’ll definitely be wanting to attend BlizzCon to connect with other WOW fans and cosplayers.

It was announced last week that BlizzCon will be holding their fourth annual convention at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, CA on August 21st and 22nd, 2009. It promises to be bigger than before with four halls available to attendees instead of the three that were available last year. This will hopefully remedy the concerns surrounding ticket availability. Tickets have not gone on sale yet, but will be available through the convention’s official site,

While World of Warcraft is probably the hottest property at this convention, BlizzCon is also is host to other game franchises such as Diablo and StarCraft — other RPG games developed by Blizzard Entertainment — are also represented at this convention.

BlizzCon began in 2005 and includes RPG-related tournaments, cosplay, and even guest appearances by live bands and comedians, which in the past have included Korn, The Offspring, and comedian Jay Mohr.

Start planning your costume for BlizzCon early! Pick up some officially licensed World of Warcraft costumes or start planning on making your own! Part of the fun of BlizzCon are the elaborate costumes that the RPG enthusiasts come up with, reflecting established cannon characters within the games or their own RPG creations. Dress up as an Orc or Undead Forsaken of your own creation, or pick up some great items to enhance your costume!

Head over to the CZ Forums to talk about BlizzCon 2009 and talk shop with fellow WOW cosplayers and share some tips!

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