Where are the Women Superhero Costumes?

Inspiration is defined as a stimulation of the mind or emotions to heighten feelings. We all need a little encouragement from super heroes. They teach us from a young age how to behave, how to form morals and ethics. It is the battle of good versus evil which brings us closer to understanding complex problems. Names such as Batman, Superman, or Spiderman are emblazoned on our minds through the hundreds of comics and Hollywood films. Batman costumes are most popular since last year’s release of the Dark Knight. Spiderman has three newer films, and Superman costumes will be popular again this Halloween. Children cannot get enough of the super hero costumes.

Boys have many choices when it comes to dressing as a hero: Hercules costumes, Wolverine costumes, even the Hulk costumes fly off the shelves each year. But what if you are female? Where are your women superhero costumes? Can you think of three women superhero costumes? Can you think of one?

Recently I tried to rack my brain for women superheroes. Cat woman costumes came to mind. However, I began to think about her as a super heroine. Does she actually fit the mould? Cat woman was formed when she was killed; in the first Hollywood film with Batman she tries to kill Batman. In her own film she stole and robbed. She was also a quiet mouse when not in her Cat woman uniform. Her costume even perpetuates the evil side of her character with the black leather. Can she really be a role model?

Another super heroine is Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman costumes were very popular in the late 1900’s. She was a woman of strength, of morals, yet she still has the less than appropriate costume. The Wonder Woman costume is a leotard with a tight bodice, and red boots. While she was always a good heroine striving to protect the world, she also has been cast as a woman needing help from the comic book heroes.

Elastigirl from the Incredibles has been the one super heroine that does not reveal skin wearing her costume. She is a mother, with morals, protecting her children and the world. Elastigirl costumes are available for girls looking for a role model. Marvel Comics and DC Comics tend to offer a stereotype of super heroines that most females find less than stellar. It’s as if the female always needs rescuing from danger even if she is a heroine.

At one time women read more comic books than men. At this time there were more super heroines, and this was when Wonder Woman was born. However, today we no longer see heroines that we can truly feel are on the same level as Superman, Batman, and other heroes. There are two exceptions to this.

Mulan Costume

The first super heroine that came to mind which did not depend on the hero to save her or who clung to the stereotypical mould was Mulan. Mulan Costumes are the perfect costume for your girl. You do not have to have spider girl costumes just to have your daughter dress as a heroine. Mulan was the one to best the Huns infiltrating China against all adversity.

The second exceptional super heroines are a group of women created by Japanese Anime. While Japanese Anime tends to provide more male heroes, they have still managed to come out with heroines. Lina Inverse, Armitage, Moldiver, and even Sailor Moon provide us with heroines. While Sailor Moon does have some very stereotypical properties, Sailor Moon and friends are still the main focus of the anima and manga. The next time you are looking for the women superheroes consider Armitage Costumes or Sailor Moon costumes.

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