Wedding in Star Wars costumes

I have read a lot about Star Wars costumes lately online, our colleagues at MyDisguises have covered a lot of topics on the subject, but i thin we got out hands on some Star Wars costume news that haven’t been covered too much, yet!

Star Wars addicts Reb ecca D’Madeiros and Bill Duda decided to have a very original wedding: a Star Wars one!

“Dressed as senator Mon Mothma and the unsightly Admiral Ackbar, the couple enjoyed an advance guard of Imperial Stormtroopers as they walked up to the officiator, Yoda, who had secured his marriage lic ence on the internet a few weeks earlier.”

“The 36-year-olds, from Portland, Oregon, spent nine months planning the summer sci-fi wedding and inv ited 70 guests, who each had to arrive in costume.”

This is simply fantastic, those Star Wars costumes they worn also looked sharp!! I love that stuff, costumes are going mainstream!

Congratulations to the newlyweds and I am hoping to see a Star Trek wedding soon! 🙂

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