Want a Batman Dark Knight costume? Buy a Domino’s pizza!

Ok, i know this sounds really weird, but it’s simply the truth. Through an incredible and extremely smart partnership, AND viral (yeah I am blogging about it, so it works!) concept, Domino’s pizza launched a “Dark Knight’ Vault“¬ù, which showcases film clips, wallpapers, cast interviews and a brand-new trailer i grabbed just for your own eyes:

The other really creative thing is that Domino’s is launching a make-your-own-Batman-Dark-Knight-costume when buying a bunch of pizzas. Huh what? Yes, each pizza box will have a different accessory from the Batman costume, so you’ll have to order a number of pizzas to complete your outfit 🙂 or you can buy the Dark Knight costume too.

Thanks to MTV for those images.

And what about that new poster huh? I CAN’T wait for Batman the Dark Knight!

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