Vampires Rise Again: True Blood returns and so will Twilight!

Cineplexes this summer are packed to the gills with all manner of heroes and supernatural villains. You’ve got the supernatural-tinged Jonah Hex crossing over into cowboy territory. George Romero has a new zombie flick coming out. Of course, there are the requisite superheroes that are a staple of any summer blockbuster movie schedule. Hell, you’ve even got some other sort of freaky human/lizard hybrid creature clawing her way through the big screen with “Splice.”

However, the old standbys are still holding their ground. Vampires and werewolves are duking it out to see who will come out on top. Not only are vampires and werewolves battling with each other in “Twilight: Eclipse”, but the good folks of Bon Temps, Louisiana are going to have their share of both in the swamplands, too. The season premiere of HBO’s “True Blood” aired on Sunday night and already, the out-of-the-closet vampires are finding themselves confronted by werewolves. They’ve already got some shapeshifters on their hands with Sam Merlotte, but this time around, it’s some straight-up hungry werewolves.

To be perfectly honest with you, I haven’t read any of the Charlaine Harris books that the series is (loosely) based on. That said, I have no idea of they’re going to go the route of having the werewolves be cursed werewolves, or the “Twilight” version that can “shapeshift” at will. However, a brief segment after the show said that the werewolves were to be played by actual wolves and wouldn’t be that sort of human/wolf hybrid that we’ve all come to recognize as such.

All in all, the third season opener of “True Blood” was very entertaining. There was a dream sequence with some Sam-on-Vampire Bill action and already some introductions to some new characters and a new direction for this season. Sophie, the Queen of Vampires, (played by Evan Rachel Wood) is running roughshod over Eric Northman with one of her schemes. Vampire Bill just found himself escaping from an unknown kidnapper and accosted by a gang of werewolves (in wolf form). Tara is still besotted over the death of her beloved Eggs and tries to off herself. And Jason Stackhouse continues to make with the stupid, working with Andy to make sure no one finds out that he accidentally shot Eggs and gave him one last scramble accidentally last season. And Sam is off to find the family he never really knew, who are rumored to be uber-white trash. Fun!

Things look like they’re going to get interesting this season and will provide a whole new slew of characters. That doesn’t mean you can’t dress up as your favorite vampire or fang-banger! Why go for just any old vampire costume when you can be one of “True Blood”‘s fang-tastic vamps? Check out how to make a Vampire Pam costume — a great couple’s accompanymant to an Eric Northman costume! For something different, check out how you can make a Lafayette costume and dress as “True Blood”‘s most unsung hero with fierce fashion style, hooker! And of course, you can always put on an apron and a blonde wig as a great basis for a Sookie Stackhouse costume and go dressed as the heroine of the series! To make this a fun couple’s costume, have a gentleman friend dress as Vampire Bill… Or Snoop Dogg, who recently penned an ode to Sookie and “True Blood.” Raise a pimp cup of blood to that one, kids!

No word on what some of the werewolves may look like out of their werewolf form, but who knows, they might make for some great, distinctive costume material, too!

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