Up Balloons Burst into Millions: Of Costumes That is!

Disney Pixar’s latest 3D film UP, hit box offices Friday. As the true Memorial Day rolled around totals for what movies grosses this weekend were tallied. UP had an explosive weekend sending the creators of the film into the Stratosphere! UP gained an estimated $68.2 million at the box office which is in line with other Pixar films such as the “Incredibles”¬ù and “Finding Nemo.”¬ù Experts of the film felt the septuagenarian hero of the film would not interest kids, but they under estimated the power of Disney and Pixar. The film was indeed filled with hilarity and perhaps the non traditional bent to the story was what actually gained such recognition.

Only 5 percent of movie goers this weekend to UP were estimated to be 50 or over. Children flocked to the film to see the moving house gain its inhabitant adventure. It is unknown how much Disney actually spent on the concept, but you can bet their budget was huge especially due to the marketing side of things. UP is the first ever film at the Cannes Film Festival to be shown on opening night and to be animated.

The concept of UP has yielded us with plenty of costume concepts. The main character is 78 year old Carl Fredricksen, making Old Man costumes quite popular this year. Carl tied thousands of balloons to his house in order to get him and his house to South America. During the flight Carl realizes he is not alone since Russell 70 years younger somehow became a stowaway. The grandchild costume is going to be another hit with his friends along for the ride. The two meet a dog called Dug. Dug has a translator collar so he actually has a human voice.

Dug the Dog makes our third choice for a costume. Dog costumes vary, but this one will need to be humanly translated making it interesting. Our very last concept for a costume is a house costume. After all the house in UP is a huge concept with its balloons tied on the top!! The possibilities for costumes are endless as is the profit from such a 3D sensation in its first weekend release.

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