Unhappily Everafter Costumes

I noticed you have most of the Disney Princesses, But you dont have Ariel (the little mermaid).

I was thinking in a torn up wedding dress (since the movie ended with her marring the prince) legs not flipers and teeth like a peronna (if you have seen the mer-fish at ripleys believe it or not it has teeth like a peronna…scary little thing) make it seem like she ate the prince and have his cute little body parts in her hands as if she was still hungry.

The dress should have bloody hand prints on it running downward as if he strugled with jagged edges on the bottom like she really had to work at this along with your normal splatter you would see in horrer films of someone being eatten. It’s a WHITE DRESS have fun with it and let it show everything. Plunging V-neckline since she was young you want some nice cleavage that you could add blood and have it dripping down to match the dress.

Vail could be torn up and really dirty lookin like Belles Golden dress. Her white gloves could have a couple finger tips missing due him tasting so good. Top it off with a FAKE RED wig Mid-legnth with her bangs all over the place.

Just a thought….I guess when you have seen the movie WAY to many times you kind of need an Unhappily Everafter Ending.

Thank you for your time,

Christina Shaneyfelt

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