Umbrella Corp. Spec. Forces costume

easy way to do it is go to you local army surplus store, and buy a cheap russian gas mask they usually run about $20 easy start, while you are there buy two more things,a black or grey Button Up (Bdu shirt) shirt, and black or grey military pants, both will run you about $50-$60, or the easy way to skip that step is go to your nearest thrift store and find those tow garments that way you don’t have to worry bout spending a gazillion dollars on them, next you will need a combat vest, you can do the expensive thing and go to the same army surplus store and buy a combat vest expensive…yes; but they usually have a good selection depending on how unique and powerful you want to look, or you can go to the nearest wal-mart and buy a weighted vest, if you do that you can take out the weights and use the pockets as fake ammo and equipment pouches, or you can leave a few weights in thier pockets to give you a feel of authenticity with weight.

next you need to find some black plastic sheeting sometimes called slip-sheets, these are the fake armor plating you will use, cut them how ever you want them to look to accent your personal unique look. also you may want to get some Ultra-matte black paint and spray them before putting them on giving them a better look, from far away and up close.

soon your costume will be coming to shape, you will want to buy two or three airsoft guns, make sure when you do go to do RP(role-playing) that they are not loaded, i used four weapons(two pistols, one shotgun, and a Assualt rifle) but you can add as many as 5 weapons of course you don’t want to over do it. remember you’re not the terminator you are a human.

you can add anything that you think will accent your new costumes, paint, face paint(s), gloves, air soft masks, goggles, Etc.

You will need head protection because you can’t be a good soldier with your head flopping around in the open ready to become a brainulisous happy meal, you need to protect it.

with what? you ask.

well you can go the cheaper way and buy a black skate board helmet, its cheap and light weight, or you can go the moderately expensive way, buy a turtle shell motorcycle helmet, if you know someone that rides maybe they will let you borrow one, you will need to paint it matte black, with the before mentioned paint.

or you can go for the authentic look and buy you an actual military helmet but be ready to empty your savings on that, but its really up to you.

you’re almost done.

your are now to begin training for your new role, and the easiest way it to watch resident evil movies or play the games and get a feel for the horrors that face you, as you are human you will act different than others playing the same role which makes it interesting.

i dress as a trashsweeper a soldier that closes loose ends, including survivors, so my role is quiet, strong, brutal, and terrifying.

but over all have fun and make it your own, there are no limits to your character make it worth while or stand off in the corner and direct the people in a orderly fashion away from the zombies its all up to you.

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