Trend Alert: Food Inspired Fashion

We have seen many food costumes over the years, but Lady Gaga’s meat dress created a new trend of fashion:

>Franc Fernandez, designer of Lady Gag’s famous dress, says that designers have long been using food as an inspiration for their craft. He says his Gaga creation took two days just for the design process. He said the meat came from his Argentinean family butcher and he picked cuts with more fat and grease, like skirt steak, that are easier to work with because they have less blood which can turn a dress brown. ‚ÄúGaga said it was fine and the most comfortable dress of the night. She actually said she liked the way it smelled like a butcher shop.

Since Franc recognized that WE might not want to smell like a butcher shop all day long, he decided to create apparel made of cotton like the “meat t-shirts“.

Other designers seem to be jumping on the food fashion trend…

>Designer Ami Goodheart said she created five outfits for the shoot that were made entirely out of foods like meat, pasta, artichokes, bread, and waffles. There was a meat skirt made of tenderloin she decided to pair with a top made of dried potatoes. The pasta outfit she created features ravioli shorts and a shirt made out of several pasta noodles.

Some designers also focus on jewelry:

>Onch personally designed a necklace for Nicki Minaj to rock at this year’s iHeartRadio Music Festival in Las Vegas. It looks and feels like a tasty deep-fried chicken wing, but it’s pink.

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Very interesting trend! What do you think?

Source: FoxNews

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