Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen – Review and Costumes

Still trying to decide which movie you want to check out to beat the heat this holiday weekend? With so many strong summer movies currently in theatres, the options are ripe for the picking.

In terms of action and special effects, Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen exceeded expectations, delivering what the film’s trailer promised, and then some. Taking place in “real time” years following the events of the first live-action Transformers movie, Revenge of the Fallen shows Sam Witwicky (Shia LeBeouff) — the Autobots human ally — ready to go away to college. His girlfriend Mikaela (Megan Fox) still works in her father’s motorcycle shop and is determined to have a long-distance relationship with Sam. They’re bonded by their adventures with the Autobots, however, Sam wants time to be “normal,” even attempting to distance himself at college by leaving his BFF (and super sweet yellow and black convertible) Bumblebee home.

As luck would have it, a shard of an ancient relic from the Transformers home world of Cybertron finds its way back into circulation. The Autobots, who have allied with the United States military, fighting side-by-side with humans find their integrity questioned by the government as the Decepticons attack major cities across the world in an attempt to regain this crystal, and with it, knowledge of the ancient origins of the Primes who landed on earth millennia ago.

Although there are some battle scenes that are too (human) drama heavy, the gripes with Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen are minor. The pacing throughout is fast, not lingering on any one plot point for too long and linking them all together. The CGI is very well done and it’s easy to forget that the Autobots and Decepticons are not real, seeming just as “real” as their human counterparts.

The introduction of new characters — namely The Fallen, a Prime Deceptacon and Jetfire, an ancient former Deceptacon who switches sides to help the Autobots and explain the history of the Transformers to young Sam.

The film utilizes a lot of comic relief in the form of twin Autobots, Mudflap and Skids as well as Sam’s mother (who becomes a bit much at times), and John Turturo reprising his role of a former CIA agent who attempts to get back in the government’s good graces.

Aside from his obsession with military helicopters, Michael Bay’s attention to detail and fast-paced action makes the movie a fun outing for those nostalgic children of the ’80s or kids today to check out.

Adults and kids of all ages and sizes may want to look to their Autobot heroes for costume choices later on this year. Check out the Transformers Candy Cube for toting around treats during Halloween… Or dress in officially licensed costumes of the noble Optimus Prime in styles based on his original animated persona, or the newer, more streamlined and metallic costume from the films. Similarly, another fan favorite, Bumblebee, is represented in costume form.

Fans of the flick who want something different can go all out and make their own Starscream costume, designing something villainous. Ladies also have an option if they want to try to make their own Arcee costume based on the female trio of motorbike Autobots in purple, pink, and red.

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