Top Ten 2009 Costumes for Halloween

Halloween is just a little over two months away, and now is the time to start getting ready if you haven’t already. Recently we came across a list of 2009’s Funniest Adult Halloween Costumes. Each one of those costumes was innovative. They were also some of the most fun costumes you might see this year during Halloween. It’s not just about the pretty face or sexiest costume some of these great costumes on the list were also the goriest ones that could be found. We decided to create our own list of top costumes some will be from this list we found, while others are from our own polls.

This week’s top costume is Michael Jackson. Everyone is remembering the King of Pop. With the “Beat it Jacket,”¬ù and Michael Jackson’s Thriller costume it’s not hard to see why Michael Jackson is the top costume.

The Droopers Waitress Costume is up next in our list. This funny costume is a Hooters Parody. It is an adult male costume to beat all costumes.

“Good”¬ù in the Sack Costume is next. All you need is a potato sack, and a male to put in it.

Stud Finder Costume

The Sexy Stud Finder Costume is perhaps the most perfect of all the costumes. This great idea has a blue jean mini skirt, oversized toolbelt, construction boots, hammer, and hard hat. What truly makes this costume perfect is the cone halter top.

Circus costumes are not only funny, but they are one of our top costumes for the week. It doesn’t matter whether you want to be a clown, Bearded Lady, or host of the circus you can have it all.

Snake Eyes costume from GI Joe makes the list as well. This one might not be funny, but it certainly gives ninja a new look.

Husband Costume

Are you part of a couple? Then number seven just might be for you. The Perfect Husband costume provides a beautiful tuxedo style suit complete with marionette strings. That’s right you can lead your husband around the party like a puppet!!

For children and number eight is Hannah Montana. Who doesn’t want to be a pop star singing some great songs while collecting candy? Hannah Montana costumes are definitely in this year for the young girl or teenager.

The Plug and Socket Couple’s Costume is definitely an original. For the woman there is a dress with a socket on the front. The male with a plug and cord is for the male part of the costume.

Harry Potter Costumes will also be on the top ten list this Halloween. Whether disappointed in the movie or not, the costumes from all Harry Potter films and the books are going to be sought by hundreds of children and adults again this year.

Even if you do not like one of the costumes on this list there are literally hundreds you can choose from. Halloween will be here before you know it, so now is the time to begin ordering all the accessories you need!

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