Top Food Costumes for 2009 Halloween

Blink and it is already September 4th. If you blink again it will be October 31st. That means it is time for you to stop dreaming about your Halloween costume and start getting it together. For those making your Halloween costumes you still have about eight weeks to get it finalized. If you will be purchasing a costume you can breathe a little easier, as shipping is just a little faster than making one might be. With hundreds of different costumes available it is hard to know what to choose. You could be like everyone else and choose your favorite movie or TV show character. You can bet there will be more than a hundred Harry Potter’s walking around this year, but why not put a little pizzazz into your costume. I found a list of top food costume for Halloween.

Who knows you might just find the perfect costume in these spunky, yet delicious costumes. To start off you might want to check out the Margarita costume or Martini Dress costume. Not only do these two ideas have style, but they are sure to get your thirsty for the party! The Martini Dress costume is a short black dress, with a wide lipped silver martini glass for the upper body, a slim stem through the mid section, and a flat skirt bottom. This dress comes complete with the green olive. Add a little fishnet stockings and high heels and you are ready to go!

Beer Keg Costume

For the male counterpart, of a couple, you will want to check out the Beer Keg Costume. That’s right men get ready to carry around your beer with you all night long. With the beer keg you have plenty of options whether you want to be a round short keg, or a barrel the silver costume will put you in the mood to party. It comes complete with the beer keg tap and hose hat.

Another favorite on the top food list is the Hot Dog. It has been one of the most popular costumes for decades. There is something about dressing up as your favorite ball park food that just completes the Halloween party. If you’re going to have a hot dog costume you cannot forget ketchup and mustard, after all you should have the works. Consider having a relish costume join you as well.

Sometimes you just cannot have a party without the Hamburgler in attendance. A favorite not only of commercials, but costumes as well the Hamburgler will make a great addition to your party. You might want to bring the Friendly Pickle costume as your side dish.

Red M&M Costume

If you’re a vegetarian don’t worry we won’t leave you out. Consider the Veggie Pizza costume or Fruit of the Loom costume. There is a nutty costume for everyone that is willing to pick up the fruit basket and get down to the business of dancing alongside a few M&M’s.

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