Top Alien Costumes for Halloween

Aliens are constantly fascinating to us. We want to know if we are alone in this universe or if there are some “little green men”¬ù who will suddenly appear to try to end our world. Perhaps the most prominent idea of aliens came from the scare in the 1950’s when “War of the Worlds”¬ù was read over the radio and most did not understand it was a hoax. Since that time great movies like E.T., Aliens, AVP, and Monsters versus Aliens have graced our screens. Each one of the alien based movies lends us a new costume or several. To get ready for Halloween I thought you might like to know what some of the top alien costumes are. It was tough to narrow down my favorites because there are a number of movies out there, but I have pulled from the scary, the hilarious, and the cute to find these top costumes!

The first in our long list of Alien costumes comes from the movie Aliens. Aliens took theatre makeup to a whole new level with the sharp teeth, tentacles, and overall scary appearance. The fact that this costume was used in several movies only adds to its appeal. Aliens had sequels of its own, and then Hollywood decided to combine it with Predator. When you combine Aliens costumes with Predator costumes you cannot help, but have the perfect idea. AVP costumes provide the most evil and dangerous of all costumes.

Toy Story Costume

My next choice for ultimate alien costumes is the “Little Green Men”¬ù costumes. Little Green Men costumes are based on the fictional and cartoon rendition of what we have always imagined aliens would look like. Toy Story even had their own variety of Little Green Men. It seems that each year someone in a television show, movie, or book mentions the fictitious idea of aliens. These little men can be scary with large teeth and beady little eyes, or hilarious like the Toy Story costume with aliens that have three eyes, silly little antenna, and smiling faces.

E.T. costume

E.T. or Extra Terrestrial is our third choice. Any child who grew up in the 1980’s loves the Hollywood movie Spielberg created. His idea of what an alien could be like not only in looks, but demeanor warmed many hearts. The line “E.T. phone home”¬ù is still mentioned because it was just one of those catchy lines. ET costumes are perfect for a different look that is less than scary, but still alien in appearance.

Monsters vs. Aliens costume

Monsters versus Aliens present another view of what animated aliens can look like. The monsters versus aliens costume bring us more than just aliens. However, Gallaxhar costumes definitely provide something to choose. Gallaxhar is an octopus like alien with a large head, and cape.

District 9 costume

The newest costume that makes the aliens list is from the movie District 9. These aliens are may remind you a little of the move Aliens, but with a new spin. Rather than being dangerous these aliens from D-9 have coexisted with humans according to the story line. They are just large machines that almost resemble a metallic body.

With aliens from Independence Day, War of the Worlds, and hundreds of other movies you certainly cannot be wanting for the perfect alien costume whether you want the ridiculous or the terrifying.

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