Top 5 Geeky Halloween Costumes

It is hard to know what type of costume to pick, but normally you have an idea of your favorite look for Halloween or costume parties. This year you might find our top five Geeky Halloween Costumes to be perfect for what you are planning. These geek costumes come from a long line of various movies, television shows, and personas. Our list will save the best for last when it comes to the top costume.

The normal geek costume will get us started. For this look you will need a short sleeve white dress shirt, with pocket protector and pens. Makes sure to hike your plaid pants up high on your waist with a black belt to compliment the dress pants that are too short for you. Your white socks will need to stick out like a sore thumb before the eyes move on to the black dress shoes. For this nerd costume grab some taped up black glasses, and part your hair in the middle. Make sure to use enough hair grease to keep the look.

Chuck Costume

Dr. Who is also on the list for costumes. Dr. Who costumes will need a long scarf, plaid shirt, fedora, and jacket. The jacket should be a trench coat, preferably of leather if you can find one.

Agent Smith and Neo costumes are next on the list for geeky. It is easy to come up with the balding Agent Smith because all you need is a black suit, white shirt, black tie, and the right sunglasses.

Chuck from the television show is next on our list. It is the Nerd Herd coming our way with Chuck. You will definitely need the white dress shirt with short sleeves and pocket protector, but this time black pants, and no glasses are needed. The pants will remain at normal waist level, but it is the computer technology you spout along with your CIA secret agent watch that will turn this nerd into the secret agent he is.

Star Trek Costume

Lastly and the one you have been waiting for is Star Trek. For many this is the ultimate Geeky Costume. You can choose any Star Trek costume from Spock to a Vulcan all that really matters is whether you stick to your budget or not.

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