Tony Soprano Costume

This is what you’ll need to be the greatest of all gangsters, Tony Soprano. This costume is going for the Tony-Soprano-in-depression look as opposed to the typical sharp dressed gangster costume that he may wear on the show.

1. White bathrobe – size xxx-large

2. Rolled up newspaper

3. Gold chain

4. White “wife beater” t-shirt

5. boxer shorts

5. a cigar

6. a gold pinky ring

7. Apply extra chest and shoulder hair

How to do it?

1. Make sure that you avoid shaving for 2-3 days.

2. Never smile and try to change every conversation about your “f-ing mudder” (translation “mother”).

3. Gain as much weight as you can so that you can top 300+ pounds.

4. Fugghedaboutit.

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