Tips to be MJ for Halloween

Okay – everyone knows how diverse Michael Jackson has been in his many years in the spotlight – in looks and otherwise. So, it might be quite difficult to figure out how to dress up like him for Halloween. Here are a few tips. First of all, it would be very difficult to get his carved up face look unless you are fortunate enough to already look like him or have some carving done yourself (not recommended), so my first suggestion is to try to avoid mimicking any facial features. The key here is to dress like him. Get some nice shiny black shoes, a cheap black tuxedo (from a thrift store is fine), a single white glove, a cool detective looking hat, and some dark, retro sunglasses. Get some fake gems, sequins, etc. from a craft store and hot glue them all over the front of the tuxedo jacket. Try to match the skin color as close as possible with any means necessary (possibly make-up?!). Of course, you’ll have to pick which year to match – I think there has been some lightening through the years. Most of all, be prepared to do a moonwalk!

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