Time for New Year’s Costumes!

2010 is sure to be a year filled with new costumes as top movies begin to hit the theatres. Movies are not the only place to find costumes, but they certainly offer us a place to begin. As the old year comes to a close in the next few days we are getting ready with our New Year’s Eve costumes. So what are you going to choose and what perhaps will you bring into 2010 for a new look.

It would be easy to head out to New Year’s Eve in the typical costume with party hat, sparklers, and a great looking suit or dress, but why not mix it up a bit. Check out the latest movies coming out in 2010 to see if something does not interest you or go with an old standby like the Sexy Bunny costume.

Movies being released in 2010 include a new rendition of the Tooth Fairy, Alice in Wonderland, and Robin Hood. More than that we have Season of the Witch, Repo Man, Piranha 3-D, and a Nightmare on Elm Street to warm our hearts! Even Tron will make a live action appearance in 2010.

If you are hoping for something that screams New Year’s you are in the right place. To honor New York and their Time’s Square consider creating your own Time’s Square Ball or a firecracker. You would really light up the party then. Hope you enjoy the New Year and find great costumes to bring in the new!

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