Throw an Oscar Costume Party to watch the Academy Awards on Sunday!

On Sunday night, February 22nd, the 81st annual Academy Awards ceremony is televised on ABC at 8PM (Eastern). The “Super Bowl” of the film world, statuettes are handed out for excellence in acting, directing, animation, screenwriting, and others.

For those of us at home, it’s an excuse to get caught up in watching red carpet fashions, long-winded speeches cut off by a full orchestra… And throwing your own Oscar party! Why should the celebs get to have all the fun? Sure, you and your guests won’t be getting extravagant “swag bags” full of Gucci and Prada items, but you can have a good time doing something out of the ordinary while watching the awards!

Roll out a red carpet for your guests and prepare some Oscar-themed dishes based on this year’s nominees. Head on over to the Costumzee forums and learn how to make delicious Stuffed Benjamin Button Mushrooms and SlumHot Dog Chillionaires for some quick, easy eats to serve your guests.

Dress up as some of the characters of your favorite nominees. If you’re pulling for Meryl Streep, dress up as a nun from Doubt. Or, if you’re one of the countless film fans pulling for Heath Ledger to pull off a victory for his astounding performance as the Joker, honor Heath with a costume of Gotham’s greatest villain.

For some great, Oscar and film-themed DIY costume ideas, check out our How To’s on how to make an Oscar Statuette costume as the golden guy himself or as the character of one of the nominees, Mickey Rourke as The Wrestler’s Randy “The Ram” Robinson costume.

Come on! You know you’re going to watch the Oscars. All three-plus hours of ’em! Why not make it a fun get together for friends and ease the monotony?!

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