This Week’s Recap: When costumes meet the Law

I have read some really weird news last week I wanted to circle back on, looks like costumes are become a lot more mainstream in the legal system 🙂

First, “Locals Dressed in Costumes Show Up To Court” (read more)

“It was an uncommon sight outside of Lackawana City Court Tuesday morning as some locals showed up dressed in animal costumes. They held signs and said they support Fred Grasso, the animal control officer being charged with felony aggravated animal cruelty, and that they believe he didn’t do it. “Fred is a good, kind gentleman,” one supporter said. “He looks out for everyone in the neighborhood here, we all love him, so we’re helping him out here.”…”

Ok boys, this was a nice creative way to show your support in a Winnie the Pooh and Tiger costumes, not sure if it had an impact inside the court room though.

Then we go on with “‘Lobster Man’ sells costume, awaits trial” (read more)

“PROVINCETOWN “” The Holyoke native known here as Lobster Man for the red, Neoprene lobster costume that he dons to dazzle summer visitors, has sold his shell and vowed to lay low until a court case involving local police is settled. Mark C., 55, who lives in Dennisport, faces charges from June 23, 2007, of assault with a car on summer police Officer Paul L. C. is also charged with negligent operation of a car, failing to stop for police, driving with a suspended license and speeding.”

Honestly, do you think it’s going to help you in ANY way possible to show up in front of a judge in a lobster costume when you’re fighting an assault charge on a police officer? SERIOUSLY?

And last, but not least!

“Man charged over racetrack invasion wearing Scooby Doo costume” (read more)

“POLICE have charged a man they allege recently ran on to a southeast Queensland racetrack dressed in a Scooby Doo costume, sparking an intensive manhunt.”

I wish we had a picture of that one, definitely something i’d want to see!

UPDATE: I found the photo!

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