This one takes the Cake

I am the owner of a small speciality cake shop and thought it would be great fun to have my daughter dress as a wedding cake for Halloween.

I constucted the costume of soft foam wrapped around foamcore boards hollowed out to fit her body. Her arms stuck through the sides and her head out the top.

I than wrapped it all in white fleece layer by layer.

I decorated the cake with silk flowers, lots of bling, rick-rack, ribbons, strings of pearls, and spray on glitter.

Everything was attached with massive amounts of Gorilla glue

I added battery operated lights to it.

The top was a stack of styrofoam dummies with a cake topper on top, decorated again with fleece, etc. I attached it to her head by again having it hallowed out than added an elastic strap around her chin.

For Halloween my hubby and I dressed as a bride and groom and brought our cake knife along for fun.

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