The Spirit

Packed with an all-star cast, The Spirit hits theatres on Christmas day, 2008. Based on comic book legend Will Eisner’s tale of a rookie cop by the name of Denny Colt (Gabriel Macht) who comes back from the dead to tackle crime in fictional Central City. While battling his arch-nemesis, The Octopus (Samuel L. Jackson, one of Hollywood’s biggest comic book fans!), The Spirit still finds time to get tangled up with a bunch of femme fatales including Scarlett Johanssen (as The Octopus’ henchwoman, Silken Floss) and Eva Mendes. Between fighting crime and fighting off the ladies, The Spirit sees a lot of action for a dead dude!

With the film’s script written by noted comic writer Frank Miller (the man behind Sin City and 300, The Spirit looks to be filmed in the same, lush style as Miller’s other two works that have made it to the big screen. Filmed in black and white with splashes of color, The Spirit has a gorgeous, almost painted sort of cinematography. Check out a trailer and website for the film here.

You can make your own Spirit costume! It’s a relatively simple DIY look! If The Spirit makes a big splash in theatres, you’ll be ahead of the pack for the next Comic Con or Halloween 2009!

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