The Secret Millionaire’s Club Costumes from Warren Buffett’s Cartoon

Warren Buffett is a top self made millionaire. Each year the man adds to his considerable bank account. There have been times when he has made mistakes, but it is these mistakes and his success that constantly have eyes on him in the media. CNBC is constantly reporting about what he is up to next. He talks about his success, about what people might be able to do in these hard economic times. Adults want to learn how to make the right decisions like Buffett. In a new move Warren Buffett will be offering a children’s cartoon. The cartoon is called the “Secret Millionaires Club.”¬ù

For all you fans out there of Warren Buffett, now is the time to get your Warren Buffett costume created in honor of the new show. The main character of the show will have stylish glasses, wavy gray hair, and be a lot like the real Buffett in looks. The episodes are being released on the internet at the end of 2009 or early 2010. AOL is helping to produce the show.

Warren Buffett will not be the only costume to take from this new show. The Secret Millionaires Club will be a bunch of average children learning the secrets of success. Buffett in the show will teach the gang how to evaluate whether to buy a candy business. The animation has already been likened to Hannah Barbara. Buffett will be lending his voice to the show, and his expertise will be clear in the story lines. The premise of this show is to help children learn how to raise money, mostly for community purposes, but also in how to succeed when financial problems exist.

For those looking for a costume other than Warren Buffett from the show a schoolboy costume or a schoolgirl costume will certainly help. The children on the show are all going to look average with clothing from mainstream brands. The idea is of course to catch the children’s and parents’ attention so that each can learn. The story line will provide some important keywords that might be a bit much for some watchers, but that is yet another point being made. By learning the information at a young age the idea is to get these children more prepared for adulthood. For us it just means a new concept for costumes!

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