The results are in! Your favorite Alice in Wonderland character….

After pulling in beaucoup bucks at the box office this past week, it seems that nearly everyone and their mother — and quite possibly their goldfish — have seen Tim Burton’s rendition of Alice in Wonderland. With so many people having seen the film, it would stand to reason that everyone has a favorite character from the movie.

The people have spoken, and according to CZ’s latest poll, your favorite character is:

The Mad Hatter…. by a landslide!

Screen shot 2010-03-10 at 3.11.08 PM

Grabbing up a whopping 52% of your votes (and enough teacups, pastry, and hat-making supplies on top of that), Johnny Depp’s mercury-addled habberdasher was the overwhelming favorite character of the film. If you’re planning on suiting up in some Mad Hatter finery, there are tons of Mad Hatter costume items and how to’s to help you put together a convincing character costume. You may even want to try adding a Scottish kilt to your costume in case you decide to break out in a right proper round of Futterwacking!

Coming in second, was Chessur, the smiling Cheshire Cat. You may not be able to evaporate like Chessur, but you can copy his look with several different Cheshire cat costumes in kids’ and adult’s sizes.

Ironically, the title character herself, Alice only garnered a small percentage of the vote to come in third.

When Disney releases officially licensed Alice in Wonderland costumes, now we can tell which ones people will be going “mad” over!

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