The proper way to wear a Super hero costume

Want to wear a super hero costume for Halloween? Well, if you mean to do it, do it the proper way!

Follow these two examples:

Zac Johnson and his Spiderman costume. Zac purchased his costume for around $1,000 and as you can see here, the costume is really cool! A copycat of the real Spiderman costume, this is pretty awesome.

Frozone (long time CostumZee member) has created his own Frozone costume (Frozone is from the movie “The Incredibles…just in case you did not know :)…) and he has talked about it here. He also has a few pictures left in his profile for the Frozone visor and boots.

He also just came up this year with a Rubik’s cube costume…check it out, it’s totally worth it! Can’t wait to see what Frozone’s going to do for Halloween 2008!!

Do you wear super hero costumes the proper way too? Want to share it with us? Feel free to comment below or post it in our forum with pictures please!

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