The Newest Look in Christmas Tree Costumes: The Rental Option

I suppose I should not be surprised to learn that there is a new twist to getting a Christmas tree this year. In certain parts of the United States and Canada it is actually possible to rent a Christmas tree. Los Angeles is just one city in the United States offering Christmas tree rentals. This new concept has sparked our own thoughts on a costume. Sure you have Christmas tree costumes, but why not make it a Christmas tree rental costume where you have the burlap sack at the bottom and full decorations?

Christmas tree rentals are an eco friendly option for the holiday season. The service will bring the Christmas tree to your home for the holidays. They will then return during the first week in January to pick up the tree. They will replant the tree, shape it and keep it growing for another twelve months. Next year someone else can take advantage of that tree. It is a great method if you hate to see a tree cut down and never reused. It is also possible to purchase the tree to be replanted some where else in a donation.

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