The Long Overdue Harry Potter

Will Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince do as well as the other five movies of years past? This is a question that you might be asking yourself in light of the stunt pulled in November 2008. The world was preparing for the sixth installment of Harry Potter, news channels were advertising the film, and yet a few months before its release the studio announced they would hold the sixth film until July 2009. The movie is now set for July 15th 2009, but with more than two months to wait can we really get excited? Many fans may be feeling the shenanigans of the studio should be tested with a boycott of the movie on the day of its release.

Of course, it is not very practical to think this as we have waited so long to see how the director will provide the sixth installment. As a very gripping book the plot of the sixth movie will reveal the horrible death of a most important character. Forgive me for not revealing who this character is. There are still many who have not read the books, and may not know the exact ending.

All of our favorite characters will be returning in the Half Blood Prince, and more elements of the past and future will be revealed. Harry must battle Voldemort’s followers once again!

What does this mean for the fans? Well it not only means that we should finally see the movie, but it also means Harry Potter costumes will again reign at costume parties and Halloween. Families all around are beginning to prepare for the movie’s release in finding Hermione Granger costumes, Ron Weasley costumes, and Hagrid costumes.

Draco Malfoy CostumeA question in your mind throughout the book that will nag you during the movie is who is the half blood prince? If you have not re-read the books or you never have then this question needs answering. The Half Blood Prince costumes will also be flying off the shelves in order to show our darker side.

Another most important character will be Draco Malfoy. Draco Malfoy costumes will be filled with Slytherin symbols and sinister plots- as it is Draco who is charged with a most important murder that will rock the Wizarding World!

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