The Fantastic Mr. Fox Offers a Foxy Costume Look!

Novelist Roald Dahl offered us the tale of the Fantastic Mr. Fox, and now Wes Anderson brings the characters live to us in a film production of the novel. The Fantastic Mr. Fox is due in theatres on November 25, 2009. Anyone who loves fluffy animals will find the tale entertaining, as well as lucrative for a family of fox costumes.

Mr. Fox is your average anthropomorphized character with a family, children, and a good job. They all live under a tree on a hill with Badger, Rabbit, Weasel and their families. Unfortunately times are tough and to make ends meet Mr. Fox must steal from three crooked farmers.

Boggis is a chicken farmer, Bunce is a greedy man who only eats duck liver, and Bean farms apples and turkeys. Mr. Fox has quite a sense of smell, so he is able to get around the farmers who try to hurt him. The greedy farmers want to stop Mr. Fox so they try to ambush him at his hole on the hill. Unfortunately Mr. Fox will have to go tailless from there.

The farmers begin to obsess about poor Mr. Fox, so they try to dig into the burrow home, only to find that eight sets of paws are better than three farmers’ shovels. All the families look to Mr. Fox when he decides that digging under the farmhouses is the best way to get all families the food they need to survive. It is a tale of learning responsibility and that there are no short cuts in life.

Children will be fascinated by the Mr. Fox costume, as well as the entire family’s costumes. In fact for the next costume party you hold you might consider a Mr. Fox, Mrs. Fox, and baby fox costumes. The voice of Mr. Fox is provided by George Clooney, with Meryl Streep as Mrs. Fox. Willem Dafoe, Bill Murray, Owen Wilson, and Anjelica Huston are also providing their voices for the animated film.

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