The Expendables Costume Review

Powerful Guns, dismemberment, and a total guy flick characterize The Expendables. The film was released August 13, 2010 with the screen play and direction by Sylvester Stallone. What made the movie worth seeing wasn’t necessarily the plot- it was the actors cast in it. There are some actors who have made their living as action heroes through the last thirty years. Sylvester Stallone is one of those men who was well known for Rambo and Rocky. Then you add in Bruce Willis who is both comedian and action hero with his most notable roles in the Die Hard series. You add in Dolph Lundgren from Masters of the Universe and you have quite a cast building. A cameo by Arnold Schwarzenegger helps launch the film.

These older generation action heroes were joined by Jason Statham, Jet Li, Randy Couture, Steve Austin, Eric Roberts, and Mickey Rourke. Mickey Rourke is another that has been around for three decades with films like Body Heat and Year of the Dragon. Eric Roberts has just as many movies perhaps more to his credit starting from 1974. These faces we recognize along with Jet Li and Jason Statham. Statham first caught our attention in the Transporter movies, as well as the Italian Job. Jet Li had many Asian titles to his credit before appearing in the Black Mask and catching America’s attention. Black Mask was dubbed and created with English subtitles, but it was his break. After that we saw him in Lethal Weapon 4, Romeo Must Die, Kiss the Dragon, The One, and many other martial arts action films.

The cast is a main part of the film because you rarely see the top action heroes all starring in one film, even if the parts where small in some cases. The film had other characteristics that made the almost two hours in the movie theater worth it. There was a good mixture of humor and seriousness, along with a bit of chivalry and love interests. In fact the entire theater got to chuckling when Bruce Willis met Sylvester Stallone in a church, along with Arnold Schwarzenegger. We were given the impression that Stallone’s character and Arnie’s had a falling out, but they were both mercenaries looking for jobs that paid well. With a bit of banter and explanation about the job all three filled the screen.

Schwarzenegger walks off, leaving the job to Stallone, and Bruce Willis asks what his problem is, referring to Schwarzenegger. Stallone, straight faced states “He wants to be President,” imagine how that got the theater laughing!

As a typical mercenary do gooder film goes, the costumes were what you would expect. The Expendables as they called themselves were seen in military outfits much like Swat costumes- the black cargo pants, tight black tee shirts, and flak jackets. In other parts of the film you see Mexican military costumes and CIA costumes. The movie brings back not only some of the best action heroes of the last 30 years, but their quintessential costumes as well.

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