The Dark Knight finally on DVD!

One of the most highly anticipated films of 2008 is now the most eagerly awaited DVD of the year. The Dark Knight finally arrives on DVD on December 9th, 2008. The film captivated comic book fans and film fans alike with director Chris Nolan’s dark vision of Batman in the sequel to Batman Begins. Fans will be even more excited at the prospect of loaded special features on the DVD set! For a sneak peek, take a look here.

Although Christian Bale is praised for his work as millionaire playboy (and damaged goods) Bruce Wayne and his altar-ego, Batman, it was the late Heath Ledger who stole the show with his performance as The Joker. Making Jack Nicholson’s awesome portrayal look like a rank amateur by comparison, Heath Ledger gave a frightful and darkly humorous version of The Joker. Even though he’s unfortunately unable to enjoy the fruits of his labor, Ledger’s performance may have done what no other comic book movie has done in garnering him an Academy Award for Best-Supporting Actor. No Oscar nominations have been laid out yet, but the general consensus is that Ledger’s performance in The Dark Knight was more than deserving.

This past Halloween, Dark Knight and Batman costumes were among the top sellers and most popular costumes of 2008. Heath Ledger-style versions of The Joker costumes were one of the top sellers and most popular costumes. DIY versions of the Joker were also popular, as were Joker Nurse costumes as fun twist on this twisted character.

Judging by the excitement around The Dark Knight’s release on DVD and the possibility of an Oscar nod for Heath Ledger, Batman and Joker costumes may still be popular in 2009!

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