The Dark Knight: Batman will be back!

Ok, THIS is big news! Batman will be back next year to fight Joker!

batman costumes

You have got to admit that the last Batman movie with Christian Bale was, from far, the best Batman movie EVER!

And there are simple reasons for it: it looked real, the story made sense, there was little Hollywood super effects that made the movie and its story a lot more real, and the Batman costume rocked!

In 2008, you can probably expect the same to happen, maybe even better:

“Batman and Gordon find alliance with a newly appointed DA Harvey Dent to stop a vicious killer with a warped sense of humor known only as The Joker, a threat to both the good, and the evil of Gotham City.” Thanks IMdb.

We are definitely adding the Batman costumes and Joker costumes as most popular future costume ideas! There is not really any real Joker costume available right now, only a joker mask here and there, but we’ll make sure that you find what you need on CostumZee when the time comes!

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