The Cheetah Girls: another TV musical!

Lately, the popular theme of costume ideas we have been presenting lately is pretty much solely around Movie and TV musical shows:

the Hairspray costumes,

the High School Musical costumes,

the DoodleBops costumes,

and a new one we need to add today: The Cheetah Girls costumes!

The Cheetah Girls is a popular Disney Channel Original Movie and a TV musical, released in 2003 and based on a bestselling series of young adult books.

The Cheetah Girls costumes are similar to the ones featured on the left hand side picture and available for the following characters:

Galleria costumes

Raven costumes

Will you choose to wear a Cheetah Girls costume this year? Or would you rather choose to be a character from one of the other movie and television musicals?

Maybe we should start a poll to see which one will be the most popular this Halloween!

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