Terminator Salvation: A Trilogy in the Works?

Terminator is technically the fourth movie in the Terminator series, but there is talk of making the latest film Terminator Salvation apart of its own trilogy. Halcyon stated that they are already developing Terminator 5 and that one more will be in the works. The only thing in the way of production is the box office. If Terminator Salvation cannot provide a box office hit then two more films will probably be put on hold. The latest news tells us that Terminator Salvation is bound to be a hit though, so all you fans out there will not have to worry. You will find out how the story really ends!

The finale for Terminator Salvation was leaked, causing an uproar from fans. There was such dissention regarding the ending that it was rewritten. The earlier leaked finale is not how the film will end. At this point we don’t know how it will end, but we are assured it is nothing like the predictions of the first Terminator movie. Whether we see a cliffhanger or a note of hope at the end of this film will be learned on May 22, 2009 when it hits the box office.

John Connor will be battling more terminators in this new film, as Christian Bale takes up the characterization. The plot begins a few years after the last terminator film. John has now married Kate, and they are expecting their first child. The battles waged will be difficult, dynamic, and definitely full of action.

terminator salvation movie costumeOne more thing we know for certain is that Terminator Salvation provides us with several new costumes. Terminator Salvation costumes will vary from John and Kate Conor as couples costumes to hidden terminators. The T600 costume or T800 costume will provide you with plenty of ideas for your next costume party. Your imagination will be the limit for creating your own.

If the other two movies in the “trilogy”¬ù are made you will discover even more costumes. Technology keeps growing to allow us better movies in the theatres, but more than that they give us new ideas for costumes.

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