Tangled Gains Attention and Provides New Costume Ideas

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 released November 19th topping the box office for three weeks. It is no surprise that this movie has gained such attention, as it was a much anticipated movie. However, Friday December 3, 2010 saw a new movie take over the top spot- Tangled.

Tangled is Disney’s 3D version of Rapunzel, though it may not be the exact story you remember. Tangled hit $5.1 million since its release on Thanksgiving. It also had 3,603 runs versus the 4,125 runs and 4.8 million that Harry Potter managed to earn. Tangled had to go up against so pretty hefty movies at the box office with its release including Unstoppable, Love and Other Drugs, Due Date, and Megamind. Not surprising, Megamind has not gained quite the popularity of many of these other movies. Paramount’s movie Megamind has only earned $1.17 million with 3,173 runs.

Megamind unfortunately did not gain the attention of most adults. Instead it looked everything like a kid movie and perhaps it is. All I can say is that it certainly did not get the performance the studio was probably hoping for when compared against other mega blockbusters.

As for Tangled, it may just be the very next girl fad for costumes. Rapunzel is a well known German fairy tale by the Brothers Brimm. It has been adapted several times, but most remember the story line where a child is locked up in a tower until her prince comes to rescue her calling her name and asking her to let her long hair down, which has never been cut.

The 3D animation of Rapunzel in Tangled stars Mandy Moore as Rapunzel, Zachary Levi as Flynn Ryder, and Brad Garrett as Hook Hand Thug. The story line of this movie is slightly different than the original tale in that Rapunzel falls in love with a bandit who passes outside her window. In order to find him she must escape and enter a world she has never known. For us it means Bandit costumes and Rapunzel costumes are going to be a hit for the next year at the very least.

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