I want ideas for chuckie for a a 9 year old little boy about 95 lbs. Rocky Balboa fighting outfit for a 12 year old about 95 lbs. and a Wonder woman for a 13 year old girl about 120 lbs. the 13 year old wants to possibly be a power puff girl.

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Choosing a super heroine costume

Today we’d like to offer some costume ideas for women who would like to be a super heroine for this Halloween. There is really a lot of choice, choosing a super heroine costume that will fit right for your personality could be a hassle…you know the most common woman super heroes, but there might be a few you are not […]

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Wonder Woman…Hot costume for 2009!? YES!

At CostumZee, we like to let you know what’s hot, what’s trendy (popular costume ideas), and we guess we are now starting a new feature today: future trends for costume ideas! Wonder Woman Costumes may be really popular in 2009! Yes! We wouldn’t write such statement if we did not find out that a Wonder Woman movie might be in […]

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