How to make an Eric Northman (True Blood) costume

HBO’s series “True Blood” is one of the hottest shows on television right now. Actually, vampires are pretty much one of the hottest things going right now, too, between the cast of characters on “True Blood” and the impending “Twilight” sequel due next year in movie theatres. However, the HBO series is back for its second season, having just gotten […]

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How to make a Vampire costume?

You have many choices in how to create a vampire costume. Like other costume ideas the vampire is one of the oldest Halloween options that you have. To help you get one idea for a vampire costume we have instructions and materials listed below. ##Things You’ll Need:## * Black cape * Tuxedo or black dress * Vampire teeth * Fake […]

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the groupie vampire

For Halloween in 2007, I decided to be a rock groupie who was bitten by a vampire, thus became one. Its really cool. I made a tube top out of a black tank top. I also have a pair of jeans, ripped beyond repair, tied with black stockings, and black lace-up sandals. for make-up, I have black lipstick, and black […]

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