My wife and I won a costume contest in a private party, we didn’t actually won anything material, just the satisfaction, but it was a nice feeling. We bought every part of our costumes in different places, mostly by Internet, but also in local shops. My wife trim my wig because was too long for my taste. She’s a dentist […]

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Simple vampire costume idea

Becoming a Vampire is actually pretty easy and pretty fun. To be a vampire you first need to look like one. You can buy a black or blonde wig or dye your hair. And then put on fair pale make up so your skin looks very light. Then find some red lip stick and add a tiny bit on your […]

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Medieval girl vampire costume

Take a long flowing black dress and sow on a red meterial as the bottom part of a apron. Velvet is the best material. As vampires are pale use pale make up or face paint. For the great effect not only use plastic glow in the dark teeth use fake blood,face paint or make up. Wear black shoes. Use black […]

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