How to make a Pam from True Blood costume

Pam is Eric’s right-hand-woman on True Blood, his #2 in command who is frequently at his side, running Fangtasia. Pam is quite the fashion plate and has a caustic sense of humor — a rarity for vampires. She’s always impeccably turned out, whether she’s sporting red vinyl or pastel suits… And she applies her fashion sensibilities to Eric, often assisting […]

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Will Twilight: New Moon Capture Fans?

The Twilight Saga as it is being called by press is about to get the second instalment in theatres. Already the books have been a massive hit with the younger generations. Most Tweens loved the first movie and have been waiting in anticipation for November 20, 2009 to roll around. We continue to see this in teen movies. Harry Potter […]

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