End of Season: Television Costume Ideas

This week, several TV shows wrapped up their 2009-2010 viewing seasons and some are winding to a close. Special Agent Jack Bauer is nearing the end of his final stretch of “24” hours with the series coming to a close. Some series’ aren’t over yet, but their seasons went out in a big way this time around, too. House lost […]

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How to make a Jenny Humphrey Gossip Girl costume

Jenny Humphrey — also known as “Little J” — is the scheming teen fashionista on the CW TV show, “Gossip Girl.” Played by Taylor Momsen, it’s up in the air as to the fate of Little J, if she’ll stick around to graduate from Constance Billard School or hightail it somewhere else to escape her mistakes and backfired plans. Dress […]

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