More real superhero costumes auctions!

Want to dress up as Daredevil or Superman for Halloween 2008? Do you have like…hmm let’s see, ~$70,000? That’s the money you’ll need to get yourself the real deal! These are incredible auctions that will be available on eBay. The Daredevil costume at Ben Affleck “Daredevil”¬ù hero costume from Daredevil. (TCF, 2003) The avenger of justice’s costume consists of […]

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How to make a Superman costume

Superman has been in comics, movies, and even several television shows making this hero one of the [url=]most popular Halloween costumes[/url] since the comics began. In this section we are going to discuss how to make your own [url=]superman costume[/url] in case you do not want to purchase a fully made costume this year. [b]Things You Need[/b]: – Blue material […]

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Superman: The Man of Steel…for 2009!?

Some exciting news to share with you all this week…Superman will (“should”) be back in 2009! Yeah!! We spotted this from the IMDb website where it is reported that scripting is in the process. Superman is an icon super heroe, and it took a long time for a new movie to come out, Superman III was in 1983, and Superman […]

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