Super Mario Latex Cosplay Costume

Another fine discovery from Etsy! This is a very unique Super Mario costume, it’s sexy, it says something about the geek-level, and not as cliche as other sexy costumes. We love it! The downside? Yes, it’s expensive, at $465, this unique piece isn’t for everybody, but cosplayers out there will appreciate it! What do you think? view…

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Keep it sexy: costume tank dresses

As stated on the site: >These dresses are sexy, fierce and flattering for any woman who wants a unique look and show off her favorite character, sports team, or candy! Yes, and not only show off their favorite character but show off their figures as well! These are not the loose type of dresses, let’s be honest it won’t fit […]

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Sexiest TRON Costume Ever

> This TRON costume is everything that I ever hoped and dreamed for in any TRON movie and yet, so much more. Beautiful scantily clad women with luminescent clothing. Yes, more of this in TRON please! Etsy seller ArtificeClothing offers up all kinds of sexy clothing, but it is the TRON inspired pieces like the one shown above that catch […]

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