Buying old costumes? Beware of Lice!

> Watch out this Halloween! Not of ghosts and goblins, but of something far more sinister. Before you swap wigs, hats or masks, consider that they could be carrying an undesirable treat. Lice. In this economy we are all concerned about saving money, and with Halloween coming up, many will think about buying used costumes, masks, hats, or participate to […]

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Masks: Leather & Steampunk Masks

Etsy should not surprise us anymore, but it does! We recently link to cute masks for kids available ion Etsy, but it left the grown-ups hungry for something for themselves. Well, today we found an amazing collection of leather and steampunk masks you can go , masks Lady Gaga could wear! Oh, and if you don’t know what “steampunk” is, […]

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Cute masks for kids on Etsy

One place to look at is Etsy. The strong-growing community where artists feature their creation has plenty of offer when it comes to creative Halloween masks. Here is a list of artists on Etsy you should check out: – – –

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