Bob Basset Steampunk Masks

Amazing! I had to stop browsing the Bob Basset website as i realized i spent 30mn on it! Each mask is so unique, such an amazing quality and attention to detail, you need to see by yourself. >Bob Basset is workshop of unique, high-quality art pieces made by Petrov and his team from Ukraine. You can buy some of these […]

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Amazing Paper Mache Clay Masks

Richard Curtis, student at the Northeast State Community College, created these amazing greek-style masks and props for the “Oedipus Rex by Sophocles” play at the Wellmont Regional Center for the Performing Arts Theater. For the masks, students used a combination of joint compound, boiled linseed oil, tissue paper, flour and glue. The original recipe is available here: – Cheap toilet […]

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Trend Alert: Silicone Masks

I have been paying more attention lately about silicon masks. I am not talking about silicon masks you can find at your local iParty, but special effects/movies silicon masks. SPFMasks is one of the most popular companies were you can find, order and purchase silicon masks online. These silicone masks are professional made: they fit to the skin, they allow […]

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