Want to be Hannah Montana for Halloween?

Being Hannah Montana for halloween can be the easiest and most fun costume to make. Basically all you’ll need is eye liner, pink lipstick, a long blonde wig, and some fun sparkly clothes. For accessories, try a studded belt, maybe a pink or red leather jacket, converse tennis shoes, and any kind of jewelry you want. Being Hannah Montana should […]

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The Real Hannah Montana

To really BE Hannah Montana this year for Halloween you are going to need more the a blond wig and blue contacts. To truly capture the j ne ce qui of Hannah Montana you’re going to need a stripper pole and an ice cream cart. You’re also going to need a hunky backup dancer to push you around house to […]

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How to Create Hannah Montana Costume

Hannah Montana has certainly won the younger generations over. The concept of Hannah Montana as a singer going through high school has certainly entertained many. The fact that Miley Cyrus is behind the character only adds to the highlights. Hannah Montana has a movie coming out on May 1st 2009, as a full length feature film in theatres. Your daughter […]

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