How to Create a Ripcord Costume

Ripcord is just one of the many GI Joe characters that will be starring in the new movie. Ripcord is an American Hero, part of the armed forces trying to battle evil doers. In GI Joe The Rise of Cobra, Ripcord will be played by Marlon Wayans. In honor of the Armed Forces Day coming up on May 16th and […]

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New G.I. Joe Trailer Gives Great Glimpse at Costumes

With Watchmen and X-Men Origins: Wolverine either currently playing or recently exited theatres, more extensive trailers are being released for the rest of the big crop of summer movies. Most recently is the new trailer for G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra which is due out in August. The trailer shows some serious special effects (such as Cobra arms dealer […]

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How to make a Baroness (G.I. Joe) costume

An iconic female figure in the GI Joe universe is the Cobra agent known as the Baroness. Played by Sienna Miller in the upcoming live-action G.I. Joe film, The Baroness in the cartoon and comic book of the ’80s was the right-hand woman of Cobra Commander as well as the girlfriend to masked Scottish arms dealer, Destro. Known for her […]

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