Being Mackenzie Phillips and John Phillips

There’s nothing creepier than incest, unless it’s consentual incest. Be something truly scary this Halloween and become Mackenzie Phillips and her (very) proud papa, John. Grab a clear, Ziplock baggie and put an “RX” logo on it and load it up with M&Ms, Good n’ Plenty, Mike & Ike, and any other candy you can think of that looks pill-like. […]

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How to make a Stupid Cupid Costume

Not everyone loves Valentine’s Day. If you fall into this camp, then think of staging your own costumed protest with a Stupid Cupid costume. ##Things You’ll Need## * A short curly wig * Cupid bow * Adult diaper OR large bolt of white fabric to make into an oversized diaper * Newspaper or fiber (for stuffing) * Brown fabric paint […]

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