How to make an Aldous Snow (Get Him to the Greek) costume

British comedian Russell Brand has played eccentric rockstar Aldous Snow in two movies: “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” and now his own starring vehicle, “Get Him to the Greek.” After his career takes a downturn, Aldous slides back into his drinking and drugging ways, to hilarious effect, eventually redeeming himself. Dress up like this hilarious rock star parody and check out how […]

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How to make a Betty White costume

Who doesn’t love Betty White? She played the sweet, yet dimwitted Rose Nylund on “The Golden Girls” and is a cultural icon appearing on a Snicker’s commercial. Recently, she just guest-hosted on SNL. Become the life of the party with a quick and easy Betty White costume: ##Things You’ll Need## * White Queen Elizabeth wig – I recommend finding the […]

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Being David Letterman

You gotta hand it to the late night host for brushing off his indiscretions with his characteristic humor. Show up to the party with not one, but TWO women on your arm. If you can’t manage to get gals the way Dashing Dave does, grab a few blow up dolls, putting a bridal veil on one. (Hey! You gotta remember […]

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