How to Create a Rooster Cogburn Costume

True Grit may not have gotten amazing reviews, but that doesn’t mean you won’t find the Rooster Cogburn cowboy costume to your liking. John Wayne was the original Rooster Cogburn, with his deep cowboy style. Jeff Bridges definitely brought his own interpretation to the role in the 2010 film released during the holidays. If you like westerns, like cowboys, and […]

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Cowboy Seth and his trusty horse Katie!

Katie just loves her baby 🙂 (so she thinks he is hers) Does it get any cuter than a boy and his best friend?!?!Hand made chaps, pants, vest! Material from Joan fabric! Handmade saddle, stirrups and saddle horn carved from styrofoam…saddle is hand sewn and the suede material is covering felt to make it thicker 🙂

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