What Else Can The Catwoman Suit Do?

> Ninety percent. If Anne Hathaway is to be believed, that number represents the amount of things the actress’ controversial Catwoman costume can accomplish that “Dark Knight Rises” fans have yet to see. Looking at the initial Catwoman photo, it’s somewhat hard to imagine how much more complicated the sleek and simple leather suit can get聜脛露 but let’s take Hathaway […]

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Anne Hathaway’s Catwoman Costume with Functional Goggles

>Anne聜脛么s outfit is more tactical, like the comic book, than the previous Batman movies. She will definitely be wearing the goggles and it聜脛么s going to be less sexy than Halle Berry and Michelle Pfeiffer聜脛么s Catwoman costumes. She聜脛么s going to look more like a robber. But fan boys shouldn聜脛么t be worried. This costume is going to be form-fitting enough to make […]

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Catwoman铆s Costume in 毛Dark Knight Rises’

> Hypable is a new entertainment site for fans, by fans that promises up-to-the-minute and complete coverage of the fandoms we cover. Details have emerged concerning what Anne Hathaway will be wearing when she dons the Catwoman costume in The Dark Knight Rises. Another piece of exciting news is that Hathaway聜脛么s Catwoman will definitely be wearing goggles. It seems that […]

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