Captain America: Q&A with Costume Designer Anna B. Sheppard | Clothes on Film

> Clothes on Film chats exclusively to Anna B. Sheppard about her work on Captain America: The First Avenger. About Captain America’s costume… >It was evolved over several months. The details were changed many times so maybe the final result ‚Äì because he‚Äôs wearing the boots ‚Äì suggests that but they were also changed into a slightly different variation. I […]

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Captain Americaís ìAvengersî Costume!

> Swank is in San Diego for Comic-Con right now hitting the pavement for BSR, covering as much as he can and bringing you the geeky goodness! The poor guy even found himself in the infamous Hall H attending the Twilight panel. Why? I don‚Äôt know. I‚Äôm just chalking it up to him most likely being drunk because like all […]

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Captain America Deluxe Muscle Adult Costume

“Captain America: The First Avenger” launches this week, gearing up for Marvel’s massive ‘Avengers’ movie next May. We’ve already met Thor and Iron Man. Now it’s time to get to know Captain America. Scrawny Steve Rogers ‚Äî Chris Evans in an impressive feat of CGI ‚Äî has been deemed unfit for military service and volunteers for an experiment that will […]

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